Admin user stories

  • Enable SMSpay payment method, so that it can be used as payment method
  • Enable test mode
  • Set Title, so that the payment method will have a name in the checkout
  • Set Description; this controls the description which the user sees during checkout
  • Set Username/Password
  • Save changes

Admin UI

  • All input fields should have English label and help text
  • All strings must be translatable via the standard translation system

Frontend user stories

  • Select SMSpay payment method in checkout, so that I can pay via SMS
  • When I select SMSpay payment method, reveal an input field for entering my phone number (should trigger numbers only on touch phones), so that SMSpay can start the buying/signup process. The number also has a dropdown for selecting country code, right before the input field. +47 should be the default selection for Norway. The number posted to, should include the country code. Example: 47xxxxxxxx.
  • When I click to place the order, I don’t get a new payment window; the rest of the process will be handled by SMSpay.

Frontend UI

  • The UI should be as standardized as possible, so that it will work on most themes and on both desktop and mobile/touch.